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Terms & Conditions


Buyers (Guns)

  • Buyers (Guns) must accept the terms and conditions
  • GunsOnPegs accepts no responsibility for contents of shoot descriptions posted on the site. (Though we would like to hear of any inaccuracies that you encounter)
  • GunsOnPegs accepts no responsibility for the quality of shooting, hospitality or service received on the day. (Though please do let us know if you have any comments as it is important to us to keep the quality of shoots on the site as high as possible)
  • It is the responsibility of the buyer (Gun) to ensure that...
    • they have the correct gun and game shooting licenses etc
    • they are fit to shoot
    • they have appropriate experience levels
  • Buyers (Guns) must only contact shoot owners in connection with the purchase of advertised shooting events
  • Buyers (Guns) give permission for personal information for be forwarded to registered shoot organisers that the buyer selects
  • GunsOnPegs recommends the use of insurance to cover the costs of your shooting in the event of cancellation. Triple Barrelled Cover is designed to cover this need
  • All Guns should take out Public Liability insurance prior to any form of shooting  

Sellers (Shoots)

  • Must accept the terms and conditions
  • GunsOnPegs collects info provided by buyers, it accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies
  • It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure shoot details are accurate
  • GunsOnPegs makes no guarantee that buyer is eligible, able and fit to shoot
  • Sporting agents should contact the team at GunsOnPegs prior to using the system to discuss current advertising rates
  • Shoots should advertise only in the shooting diary and not in the classified ad section which is reserved for use by members who have personal items to sell or buy


  • GunsOnPegs reserves the right to contact registered members via email to inform them of changes to the GunsOnPegs website
  • It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to ensure:that they exchange sufficient information regarding the event eg date, time, location, shoot type travel arrangements, restrictions, charges etc
  • Arrangements for cancellation/no show etc should be agreed between the buyer and seller
  • While due care is taken, GunsOnPegs accepts no responsibility for the bona fides of any advertiser or buye


  •  Upon receipt of a shoot testimonial the GunsOnPegs team will review the content and, if approved, it will be published on the website within 48 hours.
  • In the case of a negative testimonial being provided by a member GunsOnPegs will initially seek a comment from the shoot in question. The testimonial will not be published until both parties have been spoken with directly by a member of the GunsOnPegs team to clarify the situation and to provide mediation, if required.
  • GunsOnPegs will not tolerate the use of foul or abusive language and the use of such language will result in a testimonial not being considered for publication.
  • Testimonials that are considered to contain libellous accusations, or that are subject to existing litigation, will not be consider for publication.


  • GunsOnPegs reserves the right to remove adverts or registrations without notice if they beliive them not to be in keeping with the website's ethos
  • GunsOnPegs reserves the right to edit user-submitted content to ensure that it is consistent with the website's style and ethos
  • GunsOnPegs reserves the right to refuse registrations and advertising
  • GunsOnPegs may make any info available to legal authorities if required to do so


For our full Terms & Conditions download the document at the top of this page


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