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Spitfire Events
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Let us entertain your friends and clients and make it a memorable day for all of you. Spitfire Events will provide the personal touch, tailoring the day to suit your specific requirements. Every request and individual preference will be attended to assiduously. With our wealth of experience we can guarantee to provide you with the best. Choose your event and we will organize an outstanding bespoke itinerary.

We offer the following:

- Grouse shooting in Scotland and Northern England
- Pheasant and Partridge shooting throughout England Scotland and Wales
- Partridge shooting in Spain
- Simulated Game shooting
- Boar shooting in Bavaria
- Red and Roe deer stalking in Scotland
- Red, Roe, Muntjac, Sika and Fallow deer stalking in England
- Clay pigeon lessons at Shooting Schools near London
- A Corporate Entertainment day at Bisley to include clay pigeon and the unique "running deer" and "running boar" range.

We have access to shoots on grand Estates, such as Belvoir Castle, where it is also possible to stay. In addition to the excellent shooting, an overnight stay adds an extra dimension to the event, creating an unusual opportunity to impress your clients.

Shoots are subject to availability and the cost is always calculated per bird. The norm for partridge and pheasant shooting is somewhere between 200 to 300 birds. The price per bird starts from 32 Pounds Sterling plus VAT depending on the estate.

An example of what can be arranged:

A group of eight guns arrived from the Mid West of America in their own transatlantic jet liner. I organized for them to stay at Browns Hotel over the weekend so that they could acquaint themselves with the delights of London town.

They had all shot before but were not familiar with driven shooting. Whilst I flew up to Edinburgh in their plane with their luggage I arranged for them to be driven to Holland and Holland shooting school so they could come to grips with the driven bird. The plane returned to Heathrow and the clients were flown up to Edinburgh where transport was waiting to take them to Birkhill - ancestral home of the Earls of Dundee. They stayed two nights and were entertained royally, not only with the Earl's best port - he not being there - but were regaled with the sounds of the bagpipes played by a kilted baronet.

They shot partridges and pheasants for the next two days and after day two flew to Norwich where transport awaited them to take them to South Pickenham Hall where they stayed for two nights and shot for two days.

This is the type of excursion that we can arrange for our clients and to show that we look after every eventuality, on day four I had to find a Roman Catholic priest as one of the party had to make a confession. We aim to please and I can confirm that he was much happier after his consultation.

For more information please contact Robert Hutchinson on 0207 630 6905


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I am happy to confirm that I have shot on a number of occasions through the auspices of Robert Hutchinson of Spitfire Events and have invariably enjoyed a high level of sport. The shooting has always been well organized and efficiently run.

I have no objection to you passing on this opinion to your shooting clients who may be considering taking some shooting through Spitfire Events.

Mr. Hugh Myddeltom
Mr. Hugh Myddelton - Nov 2012

Dear Robert, You have asked me to confirm that I have shot on several occasions as a guest at Belvoir on Partridge and Pheasant days. The organisation and hospitality was always first class. You are free to give my name to any Client of yours for my personal confirmation. With best wishes Peter
Mr. Peter Egerton Warburton - Nov 2012


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