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Flyways Argentina - Dove Shooting
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  • Flyways Argentina - Dove Shooting

    A guest out shooting in the field

  • Flyways Argentina - Dove Shooting

    Doves swarming the sunflower fields

  • Flyways Argentina - Dove Shooting

    Local wine being served at supper

  • Flyways Argentina - Dove Shooting

    Poolside view of Los Chanares

  • Flyways Argentina - Dove Shooting

    Bedroom at Los Chanares

For years, Los Chanares, Sierra Brava and Posta del Norte lodges have been considered the “best of the best” when it comes to dove shooting in Argentina. In 2011 we created FlyWays as an umbrella company to cover this trio of the country's most exclusive wingshooting lodges.

You can expect exciting, non-stop shooting that can be very challenging, with an unlimited bag across a variety of terrain including valleys, open fields and hillsides with everything from easier, medium range birds to stratospheric, almost impossible to hit dove. The excellent reputation of these lodges has grown with every group that visits us and glowing references from British guests are available by request for each one of them. 

Our lodges each have their own personalities derived from the people who work there and their own unique strengths that have been developed to cover the needs of any client. For example, Los Chanares provides a premium experience with only 5-minute drives to the field. Sierra Brava offers world class service and fun at an unbeatable price whilst Posta del Norte gives small groups the ability to have one of the nicest lodges in Argentina privately. 

We have clients that have been to all three lodges who have loved each one for their respective idiosyncratic charms, second to none dove shooting and the exceptionally fun shooting experiences that they provide.

These are some of the unique qualities that separate us from the rest of the lodges in Cordoba and are consistent across all three operations:

  • World class dove shooting near the famous Macha roost in Cordoba
  • Incredible food and wine. Special mention for those delicious field lunches
  • 5 star service with lodges run by owners and not managers
  • Superb accommodations at some of the nicest lodges in Argentina
  • Unbeatable pricing


Los Chanares:

For the past ten years Los Chanares has been considered THE place to shoot doves in Cordoba, Argentina. The lodge was strategically built two minutes from the largest roost in Cordoba. In order to ensure that the doves never leave the property a game management program was put in place in 2000 which consists of annually planting large sunflower and wheat fields, throwing, quite literally, tons of corn down for the birds each year and running a stream through the middle of the property that is additionally complimented by watering holes. This simple formula guarantees the birds never leave the property and provides some of the most magical shooting anywhere in the world!

The 9-bedroom lodge was built knowing that many demanding clients would be attracted to the world class shooting. The accommodation is luxurious yet still maintains the feel of a traditional hunting lodge. The rooms are very spacious and each has its own private bathroom. A beautiful pool was built since clients have ample time to relax at the lodge due to the time saved on journeys to the field by it's extreme proximity to the shooting areas. Finally a welcoming fire pit was placed behind the lodge where clients can enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic or bloody mary after shooting and recount the day’s events.

Of course this edge in shooting and accommodations over competitors was not enough in Cordoba. Over the past six years the lodge has consistently raised the bar on service and food. Everything is perfectly organized for your trip yet the environment around the lodge is relaxed. The staff will go out of its way to accommodate any requests. Guests will enjoy gourmet meals that are simple and most importantly mouth watering. From the Argentine asado (bbq) lunches to the delicious dove nuggets, it doesn’t get any better. All this combined with a nice Argentina wine and Cuban cigar make Los Chanares a very special place!

  • Game Management Program for the Last 11 Years
  • 5-minute Drives to the Field
  • Non-Stop Shooting
  • Luxury Accommodations
  • Only Sunflowers in Cordoba
  • Experienced Team Run Flawless Operation


Sierra Brava:

When considering dove hunting in Argentina, there’s “good” and then there is Sierra Brava. Dove hunting at Sierra Brava is in a world-class league of its own. From the beginning Sierra Brava had access to the best fields in Cordoba due to personal relationships with local farmers. For this reason the lodge was strategically located only 15 minutes from the heart of Argentina’s most desirable hunting region – the Macha roost. This allows for short drives and access to fields where high volume dove records are set. In 2010 an American from Dallas, Texas named Todd White broke the Sierra Brava record of over 11,000 birds shot in one day.

Even though clients are blown away by the quantity and quality of the shooting, the thing that separates Sierra Brava apart is its legendary service. Clients feel right at home at Sierra Brava. The atmosphere around the lodge is very relaxed and fun. The bird boys are the fastest loaders around and are always up for a good laugh. The staff strives to make every Sierra Brava dove hunt a trip of a lifetime even though clients usually return year after year. Finally the food and wine at the lodge are first class. Sierra Brava offers mouth-watering steaks, both in the field and in the lodge and serves the finest Argentine wines. It’s what legendary hunting trips are made of.

The 7-bedroom lodge was built knowing that many clients would be drawn to the world class shooting with luxurious accomodation but the feel of a hunting lodge. Each room is very spacious and has its own private bathroom. There is also a beautiful pool that was built because clients spend more time around the lodge and less on van rides. There is also a great firepit at the lodge where clients can relax and talk over the day’s events.

  • Record-Setting Shooting
  • Legendary Service
  • Best value for your money
  • Your Home Away from Home
  • Memorable Field Lunches
  • Most Fun Hosts Around


Posta Del Norte

Posta del Norte is the newest addition to the FlyWays family. Posta was built in 1995 by the previous owners. The lodge was built in a very strategic position exactly between the largest roosts in the north of Cordoba – Churqui and Macha roosts. For this reason Posta enjoys a great variety of dove shooting as well as consistently manageable drives of approximately 30 minutes. More importantly Posta has the ability to pick from the best fields Cordoba has to offer. Dove shooting here is as good as it gets!

Posta’s other main attraction is privacy. With groups of four or more you can reserve the entire lodge with no private room surcharge. This makes Posta perfect for business, family or intimate friend groups. The lodge has six very comfortable rooms each with a fireplace and private bathroom. Your group can also use a seventh room, which is smaller and is great for kids. The feel of the lodge is very warm with the idea to make you feel right at home. The lodge was purposely built as a dove shooting lodge, which makes its layout perfect for guests. The rooms are separate from the dining room and living room. Plus there is a gaucho bar with a structure that dates back to the late 1800s. This is a truly amazing place to enjoy a cocktail after the day hunt.

The guest services at Posta are first rate especially given the smaller group sizes and more private nature of the lodge. The white glove service at the lodge is accompanied by a very friendly and relaxed house staff. The food is prepared by a chef who trained at Los Chanares for 2 years and the Argentine wine served at the lodge is first rate. Basically clients at Posta receive first class service and world class dove shooting, all in a very private setting. It just doesn’t get any better!


Trip Information


Fly direct from London to Buenos Aires where many guests choose to spend a night experiencing the citys famous atmosphere and nightlife (we can recommend hotels, places to eat and go out). 

Typical Itinerary - 4 days / 3 nights:

Day 1:    Midday arrival to Cordoba Airport (1 hour domestic flight from Buenos Aires). Transfer to the lodge (1:15 drive).  Half day afternoon shoot.  Night at the lodge.

Day 2:    Full day shoot (2 shoots).  Night at the lodge.

Day 3:    Full day shoot (2 shoots).  Night at the lodge.

Day 4:    Morning shoot.  Afternoon departure to Cordoba Airport for return flight.


  • All ground transportation to/from Cordoba airport and hunting grounds.
  • Six (6) dove hunts (2 per day).
  • Professional hunting guides.
  • Deluxe double occupancy lodging with private bathrooms.
  • All meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • All beverages, including selection of the finest Argentine wines, local beers, and local hard liquor.
  • All local taxes and service charges. 

Not Included

  • Cartridges (which are supplied by the lodges).
  • Hunting licenses (currently US$65 per day).
  • Gun entry permit: U$S 140 per gun or gun rentals ($75 per day).
  • All voluntary gratuities. 

Shooting Season in Argentina: 

It is possible to shoot dove without bag restrictions throughout the year in Argentina. Many British clients choose to come out between December and March during the close of the shooting season in the UK. 


Seasons in Argentina are the opposite of seasons in the northern hemisphere. The winter months in Argentina are June-August and summer falls between December and March. For milder weather conditions, leaning towards slightly wetter and colder, September / October is a great time to shoot. If you prefer to get a sun tan while you shoot then January / February are the months for you. 

Bringing your own guns:

Taking your favorite guns into Argentina is very simple: You are allowed to introduce up to three guns, on a temporary basis. The gun’s manufacturer, model, gauge, serial number and the passenger’s name and passport number must be provided to our offices at least 45 days before the arrival date. Upon request, you will receive our shooting Questionnaire to fill out with this information. 

If you prefer we also have an ample selection of guns to choose from in either 28 or 20 bore, Benelli semi automatic or Beretta over & under, depending on your preference. 

We Also Recommend That You Bring:

  • Dark colored shooting / country clothing and headwear as you would wear for a day in the UK (tweed / formal shooting clothing is not a requirement though). 
  • Wooly jumpers, long sleeve cotton shirts, and polar fleece zip-up tops.  Layering is important. Depending on the time of year it can be 5 degrees celsius and windy in the morning, then end up at 20 degrees or higher with calm winds by the afternoon.  
  • Lightweight shooting waterproofs. You won’t need them unless you don’t bring them!
  • Shoes: Lightweight, ankle-height are all you need. Many guns wear trainers or hiking boots. 
  • Comfortable clothes for relaxing around the lodge.
  • Shooting glasses / sunglasses, 30 spf sunscreen or stronger, and Chap Stick.
  • Recoil reduction equipment.  Shoulder pads, Kevlar lined vests, etc.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Shooting gloves.
  • Power adaptors for laptop computers, digital cameras, smart phones, tablets, electric razors, etc. All electricity is 220 in Argentina. 
  • Any necessary mediaction. 
  • Digital camera / video camera. 

Hunting Licences:

Hunting permits are purchased by us prior to your arrival and there is no requirement for you to sign it. 

Passport Info / Visas: 

  • Be sure that your passport is valid through six months after your departure date.
  • Make a photocopy of your passport and store the original in a safe place like your luggage, and only carry the photocopy when out and about.
  • The only time you might need your original passport would be while shopping and paying with a credit card or while changing money.
  • Please note that currently no visa is required for American or European citizens to travel to Argentina or Chile.

Travel Insurance:

We can provide travel insurance directly. Please inquire regarding rates.


Currently, no inoculations are required. However we are not qualified to convey medical advice so therefore suggest that you consult with your physician for medical advice on travel to Argentina.

Booking a Trip / Prices: 

We pride ourselves on being competively priced and can usually put a trip together for you that comes in on budget. 

Prices vary between all three lodges and can be smaller or greater depending on group size and time of year among other factors. 

Please contact us below and we'll be pleased to give you detailed pricing information as well as answer any quieries you may have. 

If you would like to organise a trip please contact us in the same way and we can look at provisional dates and even give you advice and steps to follow to make the organisation at your end as hassle free as possible.




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