Logan Estate, Wigtownshire
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A Family Estate on the penninsula of the Rhins of Galloway, with fantastic coastal views and birds shown from a mixture of woods and cover crops. The Estate has a long-established shoot which is continuously being developed to make the best use of its breathtaking views and dramatic landscape. Benefiting from the Gulf Stream, the climate is usually far warmer (and dryer!) here than the rest of Scotland, and even allows for tropical plants to grow within the gardens.

The Shoot is spread over 6,500 acres, comprising of 20 main pheasant, 4 partridge and 1 duck drive all showing testing and varied sport. We also have smaller drives that are all hopper fed allowing for a more natural presentation for smaller walked up days. We also have goose, snipe and  woodcock. We are continually improving pens, drives, creating new drives, rides through woods and accesses.

What we endeavour to provide is a well organised, safe, non-commercial atmosphere but most importantly an unforgettable day!

Logan Estate presents a wide variety of shooting days, to cater for all abilities! We offer:-

  • Driven Days of 100 up to 400 birds per day. Ideally a team of 8 - 10 Guns.
  • Walked-Up - Rough of up to 60 mixed bag include pheasants, partridge, duck, snipe, rabbit, hare, geese and woodcock. ideal team of 6-8 Guns
  • Pigeon Shooting
  • Goose Shooting
  • Duck Flights morning and Evening
  • Roe Stalking

We always have our regular clients that return year after year and their most enjoyable booking is two days back-to-back. One walked up day, then a day's driven, two driven or whatever is preferred! We can also provide optional evening duck flights. These days are usually booked up  a year in advance so it is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment!

We can provide all of these shooting days through the week or at the weekends, we are very flexible!

Our typical itinerary for a driven shoot is:-

9am - Meet and greet including a safety talk  and plan of action for the day

9.15 am - Set off for the first 2 drives

11am - Quick stop for liquid refreshments and homemade baking

11.30am - Off for next 2 drives before lunch

1pm - Gunroom Lunch or Whisked off to the Local friendly pub for a light lunch or 2 course meal depending on the parties preference

2pm - Depending on the bag and the size of the day off to the last drive or two

3.30pm - End of your day! Guns presented with a brace(s) of birds to take home and a chance to meet the team of beaters who were involved in the day

We can provide accommodation in Logan House for parties takin back to back larger days or help to arrange accommodation near by.

We can accomodate any day during the week, so please do not hesitate to email for any sporting day that you may be interested in for this season!

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